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Will Fluids Help or Harm the Patient?
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Myth vs Fact:

Differences Between Bioreactance and Bioimpedance

Noninvasive vs. Invasive Technology: Accuracy and Precision

Determining Fluid Responsiveness: Bioreactance vs HR, MAP and/or CVP?

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Learn About the Groundbreaking CHEETAH NICOM Non-Invasive, Hemodynamic Management System

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Hemodynamic Monitoring in Different Sites of Care

CHEETAH NICOM offers the ability to assess patient hemodynamics, such as stroke volume, and optimize oxygen delivery in...
The CHEETAH NICOM is becoming an invaluable tool for hemodynamic monitoring and fluid management in hemodialysis....
CHEETAH NICOM is an ideal tool for emergency departments. The CHEETAH NICOM hemodynamic management system is...
Hospitals continue to look for ways of reducing risks while improving outcomes in all areas of care, the OR is no...

Hemodynamic Educational Videos

Is Stroke Volume Variation the best solution to determine fluid...

Learn about conducting the Passive Leg Raise with the CHEETAH NICOM...

Nurse driven fluid optimization using the non-invasive hemodynamic...

Using and setting up the CHEETAH NICOM system for your hemodynamic...


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